About The Book

Your company's data has the potential to add enormous value to every facet of the organization -- from marketing and new product development to strategy to financial management. Yet if your company is like most, it's not using its data to create strategic advantage. Data sits around unused -- or incorrect data fouls up operations and decision making.

In Data Driven, Thomas Redman, the "Data Doc," shows how to leverage and deploy data to sharpen your company's competitive edge and enhance its profitability. The author reveals:

- The special properties that make data such a powerful asset

- The hidden costs of flawed, outdated, or otherwise poor-quality data

- How to improve data quality for competitive advantage

- Strategies for exploiting your data to make better business decisions

- The many ways to bring data to market

- Ideas for dealing with political struggles over data and concerns about privacy rights

Your company's data is a key business asset, and you need to manage it aggressively and professionally. Whether you're a top executive, an aspiring leader, or a prduct-line manager, this eye-opening book provides the tools and thinking you need to do that.



Table of Contents

Part One

Chapter 1: The Wondrous and Perilous Properties of Data and Information in Organizations

Part Two

Chapter 2: The (Often Hidden) Costs of Poor Data and Information
Chapter 3: Assessing and Improving Data Quality

Part Three

Chapter 4: Making Better Decisions
Chapter 5: Bringing Data and Information to the Marketplace: Content Providers
Chapter 6: Bringing Data and Information to the Marketplace: Facilitators

Part Four

Chapter 7: Social Issues in the Management of Data and Information
Chapter 8: Evolving the Management System for Data and Information
Chapter 9: The Next One-Hundred Days


Praise for Data Driven

“Data Driven is a practical guide for managing corporate data as a companywide asset. ‘Informationalization’ is just one of the essential approaches you'll find for bringing data and information directly to market to enhance the value of products and services."

Maria Villar, Senior Vice President of Data and Enterprise Technology, Fannie Mae

“Written by a pioneer in the information quality field, Data Driven distills Tom Redman’s experience into an easy-to-read book for corporate managers. He presents pragmatic solutions with the big picture—the bottom line—always in mind, showing how information quality can be made into an important business asset.”

Richard Y. Wang, Director, MIT Information Quality Program

“Tom Redman brings the same passion and depth of knowledge to Data Driven that he brought to our own journey in data quality and management at Shell. He really shows how to get the most out of data and information as business assets.”

Mike Sinclair, Vice President HR Services, Central HR, Shell International

“That data are an important corporate strategic asset is oft ignored under the pressures of daily events. Yet the right data—with quality and integrity—become the vital resource that informs the corporate strategic planning process and marketplace decisions. This seminal book ties it all together in a way that is steeped in contemporary reality.”

Dr. Ralph W. Wyndrum Jr., CEO, Executive Engineering Consultants, and President, IEEE-USA Innovation Institute

“It is impossible for companies to manage effectively without good data, and more importantly, good information. But most companies struggle to use these valuable assets well. Here Tom Redman shows the way: how all companies, in every industry, can and must leverage their data in their marketplaces.”

Blanton Godfrey, Dean, School of Textiles, North Carolina State University